Renewal of Vows

renewal of vowsPerhaps you've been married for 10, 20, 50 or even more wonderful years... A wedding vow renewal is a triumphant celebration of this marriage. It is the couple’s own marriage affirmation to each other and to the world. As the couple renews their vows, usually in front of their children and grandchildren, they are reaffirming that this life journey together is wonderful and that in fact, the love, respect and honor the couple vowed to uphold is growing stronger with the years. vow renewal 3Renewing your wedding vows is dedicating yourselves to each other all over again. Many times it marks a special wedding anniversary when the couple looks back at their lives together.  With their family they would like to mark their special day with a celebration of thanksgiving for all that life has granted them. I have been officiating vow renewal ceremonies for over 2 decades. Each one is unique to the couple and their families. Many are held in the home of a family member. Some, however, are held in another location such as a restaurant or hotel. Some renewal ceremonies have fewer than 10 people, and some have many more. Vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want them to be. Your ceremony can be very formal or more casual and fun. It can completely  reflect who you are as a couple. Many renewing ceremonies have a chuppah and brand new anniversary ketubah. Some ceremonies have family members and friends participation in readings and poems. I meet with the couple often before the ceremony to discuss all of the wonderful possibilities for their lovely ceremony.

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