Adult B’not Mitzvah Classes

Did you not have the opportunity to have a bat mitzvah? Did you always want to become a bat mitzvah?
  Did your daughter or son fulfill this special life-cycle event?
  Well, now it’s your turn!! I’ve been asked by a few wonderful women to run an adult b’not mitzvah classes and individual adult bat mitzvah lessons here in the Cherry Hill area. I love this idea. So here we go!!!  
"What a day today!!! An extraordinary experience becoming a Bat Mitzvah and to share with dear friends and family. When holding the Torah I was overcome with great emotion. A powerful experience."If you or someone you know never had the opportunity to become a bat mitzvah (or bar mitzvah), please contact me.
  I've already started training wonderful women individually for their special bat mitzvah.We will meet each week for a lively and educational session of learning the Hebrew and meanings for Shabbat prayers and blessings. We will study and learn your Torah portion and how it relates to you. We will formulate a special service that you can confidently and lovingly lead. All of this will conclude in a special and unique bat mitzvah service at which your family and friends are invited to attend and be supportive.  
  No Hebrew knowledge is needed. No Torah knowledge is needed. Your Jewish education level is not important. Classes will be geared specifically to you. All that is needed is your willingness to want to have a fun and spiritual journey to become a bat mitzvah (daughter of the commandments).  
To begin or for further details, please contact me at 267-971-8799 or email