Simchat Bat


The Simchat Bat is a celebration of a daughter's birth. In an effort to fully mark the complete equality of boys and girls, many parents conduct a ceremony closely related to the "brit milah" ceremony for boys. The ceremony has been adapted for girls and is a perfect way for parents to express the joy of their new daughter. The ceremony usually takes place in the parents' home when both mother and daughter are healthy enough.

There are hundreds of highly personalized ceremonies for the Simchat Bat. Each ceremony is unique and involves family and friends.10011548_10202942079967494_283094277_o Included in the ceremony are the appointment of godparents, candle blessing, kiddush over wine and, of course, the formal Hebrew naming of the daughter. I have had the pleasure of officiating at Simchat Bat ceremonies for many years and look forward to speaking with you about this wonderful and memorable occasion for your daughter.

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